Digital Sculpture Rendering
The game Trespasser captured my imagination simply by the mystery of it. Though the game released unfinished in 2000, it never released that hold of my interest. I decided to create an homage that would require me to learn a few new skills. In addition to Zbrush, 3DS Max and Substance Painter were used. It was my first dealings with UV wrapping and unwrapping - a means of taking a 3D shape and converting it into 2D patterns.
Below are two in-progress renders for this piece. The first is a test shot of the storage case I created with 3DS Max and detailed with Zbrush. The markings were created in Photoshop on a transparent background and added as decals to the object. Layers of dust and chipping were added with KeyShot. The second image was a composition thumbnail, though the embryo and incubator were eventually removed.